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Learn to create highly detailed & realistic artworks with soft pastels, oil paint & graphite on my Patreon channel.

Do you ever feel frustrated or confused when it comes to drawing or painting? Perhaps you feel unsure about where to start or what steps you need to take in order to take your skills to the next level.

My Patreon channel offers many video lessons that are designed to guide you through the very best methods & techniques, so that you can create realistic artwork that you're proud of with ease.

As soon as you subscribe to a specific tier on Patreon, you instantly gain access to ALL the past & future lessons | Subscriptions are available at a small monthly fee & you can cancel at anytime.

Each soft pastel tutorial carries a full list of the individual pencils & sticks numbers so you're not left guessing what you need to get started. The links to find these items are also supplied.

Each tutorial has access to a downloadable reference photo. The reference may also be shown alongside the artwork throughout the video. Oil painting lessons often feature a view of the palette.

There are 3 subscriptions tiers to choose from & you may upgrade or downgrade your tier. A critique tier is available where you are able to submit your work to me for notes on improvement.

As well as offering lessons with different mediums, my Patreon channel includes a wide range of subject matter including pet & wildlife portraiture, seascapes and stills to name a few.

FREE Art Guides

This FREE PDF guide is designed for beginners to the world of soft pastels & pastel pencils. This 15 page guide will walk you through all of the important questions & must-know answers:
- The pro's and cons of different brands
- The perfect paper & tools to use
- Staying safe with pastels
- Methods and techniques,
- Framing and storage & more.


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