Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?

For my pastel portraits, I only draw on either Grey Pastelmat or White Pastelmat paper by Clairefontaine. I use a mixture of pastel sticks and pastel pencils. My main brands of pastel sticks is Unison Colour & Schmincke. For pastel pencils, I mainly use (in order), Stabilo Carbothello, Faber-Castell Pitt & Caran d’Ache. I also use Sofft Tools to blend out some my pastel layers.

I occasionally paint with oil paints & hope to soon start offering pet painting commissions in addition to my pastel portraits. The brand of oil paint I currently use is Pebeo XL.

How did you get started with art?

I first started taking art lessons in high school and quickly found out that time went by much quicker in those lessons compared to most of my other classes. I spent more and more time in the art room, even spending most of my lunch breaks in there towards the end of my high school experience. I then went on to study illustration at university, it wasn’t my dream field as I prefer to draw realistic and that’s not how it’s usually done in illustration courses, so I used the 3 years to build up my drawing and painting skills in my spare time whenever I could. After leaving university, I set up my own pet portrait art business and I’m still slowly growing it till this day. Pet portraits are great as you never know what animal or breed of dog / cat you’ll get to draw next, so each commission is and exciting first new experience. People love their pets so much!

What inspires you?

I would say that what inspires me the most is seeing all the other amazing artworks that other artists produce. As a lover of art, I appreciate skill and hard work when I see it & I’m blown away by some peoples creativity and craftsmanship on a daily basis. It gives me the motivation to keep pushing my skills as much as I can. I live in south Devon, England which is famous for its beautiful beaches and wildlife, I’m definitely inspired by the beauty of nature also.

Do you teach art?

I have recently started taking tutorials more seriously and plan to produce a lot more more into the future, you can find many of my lessons on Patreon. There, you will learn my techniques and get a strong insight into my artistic methods. You may also check out my art tutorials page on this website (in the menu).

How long does it take you to create a portrait?

My pastel portraits can range anywhere from 10-80 drawing hours depending on the size and complexity. Art is a process that I don’t wish to rush, I prefer to spend more time than is needed to make sure I have the details down perfectly. It’s really important for me to achieve a true likeness in a portrait for my clients. I’m a huge perfectionist at heart!

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