How to Draw Realistic Dogs using Soft Pastels & Pastel Pencils | In-Depth Tutorial

Shaymus Art double show cocker spaniel pet portrait, realistic dog animal drawings commissions artist

If you’re looking for a tutorial to help & show you how to draw realistic dog fur, I have created this lesson just for you. The Show Cocker Spaniel dogs in this double portrait have both short and medium length hair, and because there are 2 dogs in this portrait, that means that I’ll explain to you how to draw a realistic dog twice.

This Patreon lesson will follow one of my commissioned portrait artworks. The commissioner of this double portrait has kindly given me permission to create this tutorial and for my students on Patreon to view and use the reference photo for the purpose of this tutorial. As well as following the reference photo on the screen, I have also attached it to this post for you to download if you wish to do so.

What’s included?

  • 3.5 hour voiced over video tutorial
  • 10 hours of real-time process footage
  • Access to a reference photo
  • The complete list of materials used including each pencil & pastel stick product numbers.
  • Extensive explanation throughout

What can I expect to learn?

  • How to use soft pastels & sponges to create a smooth gradient background
  • Skills that transcend to any soft pastel dog portrait you wish to create
  • How to choose the correct colours & tones
  • Each colour chosen, the particular product number & my reasons for using it
  • How to work in layers to achieve a realistic & dynamic outcome

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YouTube Preview Video