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Patreon Art Tutorials & Real-Time Process Videos

What’s included?

  • Exclusive in-depth tutorials & a huge range of real-time process videos, showing my techniques in detail so you can see how I achieve realism in my drawings & paintings
  • A wide variety of media, including pastels, oil paints + graphite, welcome to all artists from beginner to the more advance
  • A diversity of subject matter, including realistic dog & cat portraits, wildlife artwork, realistic human portraits, scenery art, tools + materials knowledge

Featured Patreon Lessons:

How to Draw a Cat

Lesson Link Here

You will have:

  • HD reference photo that is copyright free
  • The full list of materials used / needed
  • A lengthy explanation on what I am doing / my process

You will learn:

  • Tips and techniques for how to use soft pastels
  • Achieving depth in your artwork
  • How to elevate your drawing to look realistic
  • How to work in layers
  • How to properly apply pastel for a desired outcome

How to Draw a Leopard

Lesson Link Here

You will have:

  • HD reference photo that is copyright free
  • The full list of materials used / needed
  • A lengthy explanation on what I am doing
  • Over 8 hours of real-time drawing footage (Tutorials tier only)

You will learn:

  • How to use both soft pastel sticks + pencils.
  • Achieving depth in your artwork
  • How to create texture using pastel pencils
  • How to create a gradient colour background

Each tutorial is made to be very informative and easy to understand, taking you through my process, my thoughts & any tips I may have.

Each post has a full list of the materials used so you’re not left guessing what you need to get started.

Patreon gives you the ability to ask me any questions you may have in order to improve your skills, I’m always available through messages or comments.

YouTube Tutorials & Time-lapses

On my YouTube I aim to provide useful, straight to the point tutorials along with fun time-lapse process videos!

Recent tutorials:

YouTube Highlight Video

Most recent blog posts

What to do with soft pastel dust? Tips and tricks for safely removing pastel dust from your artwork

Dry pastel as a media has very few downfalls in my opinion, but one of the main issues pastel artists face is the extra dust debris that is left on the paper. This dust is not only annoying and obstructive to your work, but is also harmful to your lungs.…

The Best Way / How to Sharpen Your Pastel Pencils to a Super Sharp Point

Pastel pencils are loved by many, including myself, as they’re easy to blend and produce vibrant colours. But they’re also hated by many for their shockingly easy ability to break and snap, especially when trying to sharpen them with a conventional sharpener. This can be incredibly frustrating as they’re not…

Lemur Drawing || PASTEL ART (with bokeh background) – Beginner Tutorial

In this drawing, I will be using Unison colour pastels, Carbothello pastel pencils and Faber castell pastel pencils to draw a Lemur on Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper. I wanted to create a fun, dynamic background, similar to the reference photo. I took inspiration from the bokeh effect already seen on the…

Tips and Techniques for Drawing a Photo Realistic Cat in Colour using Pastel Pencils

Creating realistic pet drawings for clients & capturing a true likeness along with all the detail is crucial. In this blog post I want to talk you through how I created this realistic cat portrait drawing using purely pastel pencils. I mainly draw in colour as I believe it makes…