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What’s included?

  • Exclusive in-depth tutorials & a huge range of real-time process videos, showing my techniques in detail so you can see how I achieve realism in my drawings & paintings
  • A wide variety of media, including pastels, oil paints, watercolour paints, colour pencils + graphite, welcome to all artists from beginner to the more advance
  • A diversity of subject matter, including realistic dog & cat portraits, wildlife artwork, realistic human portraits, scenery art, tools + materials knowledge
  • Each video is made to be well explained and easy to understand, making lessons useful for beginner artists
  • Each post has a full list of the materials used so you’re not left guessing what you need to get started
  • A very reasonable price for a fast growing catalogue of informative & insightful art lessons

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Lemur Drawing || PASTEL ART (with bokeh background) – Beginner Tutorial

In this drawing, I will be using Unison colour pastels, Carbothello pastel pencils and Faber castell pastel pencils to draw a Lemur on Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper. I wanted to create a fun, dynamic background, similar to the reference photo. I took inspiration from the bokeh effect already seen on the…

Tips and Techniques for Drawing a Photo Realistic Cat in Colour using Pastel Pencils

Creating realistic pet drawings for clients & capturing a true likeness along with all the detail is crucial. In this blog post I want to talk you through how I created this realistic cat portrait drawing using purely pastel pencils. I mainly draw in colour as I believe it makes…