Meet the artist

My name is Shay and I live & work as a full-time portrait artist in south Devon, England along with the most beautiful surroundings around me. For my artwork endeavours, I go by the alias Shaymus which is a name that has stuck with me since my childhood. Recently graduating from university with a BA (Hons) 2:1 in Illustration, I specialise in creating realistic portraiture artwork of both pets and people, lucky enough to have clients come from all over the world. I am mostly commissioned to draw dogs & cats, I’m also often asked to stitch together separate family photos into one portrait drawing. occasionally I am commissioned to create artworks of other animals such as birds and horses. Any subject matter, I always love to hear what people may like to have commissioned next!

I also love to create other types of artworks, such as scenery paintings, seascapes and illustrative portraiture. Finding the time to do so has proven to be a challenge! My passion in art is the natural world and diverse wildlife, being surrounded by the scenic south Devon landscape is a huge bonus and love of mine. Occasionally, I list my original artworks for sale which you can find the link to in the menu. You will find my latest activity on all my social media and this website if you would like to keep up to date with my work. A huge thank you if you do, it is very much appreciated.