How to draw a Cat | Pastel tutorial

Exclusive to my ‘Tutorials‘ tier on my Patreon.

You will have:

  • HD reference photo that is copyright free
  • Full list of materials used
  • A lengthy explanation on what I am doing
  • A huge range of other Patreon videos

You will learn:

  • Tips and techniques for how to use soft pastels
  • Achieving depth in your artwork
  • How to elevate your drawing to look realistic
  • How to work in layers
  • How to properly apply pastel for a desired outcome

The cat soft pastel drawing I’m stood next to in the above photo is the result of my Patreon tutorial, measuring 50x60cm which is a great size for adding in lots of detail. There, you will find a full list of the materials and tools used/needed. Tutorial link here.