Oil Painting Study for Beginners – Water and Rocks

When it comes to practicing your skills in oil paints, I believe that painting random images that you have taken yourself is a great way to practice. This is exactly what this exercise, as I went back through my phone’s camera roll, I watched a previous video I filmed of the water crashing up on the rocks and took a screenshot. A single frame from a video that had little meaning, turned into something that I would end up spending hours on to study and paint. I also thought that this little scenery of water and rocks would be perfect for practicing to paint with oil paints. There are so many colours, tones and textures, you have the boldness and sharpness of the rocks and the smooth wavy texture of the water.

The Akoya Filbert brush size 0 from Jacksons Art is what I used to create most of the details. The shape and the length of the bristles are perfect and I highly recommend it if you too long for a perfect brush for small detailed work. I think it’s because it has the beneficial shape of being flat but not as harsh as flat brushes because it has slightly curved edges. You can check out this brush from Jacksons Art linked below.

Painting this random image was really fun and important for me. As I constantly draw animals in pastels for my job, I think its necessary I try out other subject matter and media in my spare time. I love so many different types and styles of art so I try to broaden my horizon as much as possible. I haven’t fully decided what kind of artist I want to be in the future or whether I will fully specify into one type of art. At the moment, I’m really enjoying creating realistic pet portraits in pastels for clients and I always find myself getting excited to start another one. On the other hand I’m really enjoy working on improving my oil painting skills and seeing the possibility and versatility with that media. I’m also desperate to practice more with watercolours when I find more time but I just have to be patient! I feel as though every artist goes through these thoughts, it would be interesting hearing if anyone feels the same way as me.

Materials used: